In addition to the already introduced reference implementations for the GigE Core, Sensor to Image now covers Altera platforms too. This allows developers of Altera based vision systems to bring GigE Vision® functionality to their systems. To allow an easy access to this technology and to get familiar with the design environment, Sensor to Image offers an HSCMC compliant addon board, which could be used together with several Altera evaluation boards. Together with e.g. the Cyclone III FPGA Starter board, the reference design contains:

  • Cyclone III - based Akltera evaluation board
  • HSCMC compliant addon board with sensor and VGA output
  • all neccesary cores and vhdl files to make complete implementation of GigE Vision® compliant camera or receiver
  • GigE Vision®/GenICam compliant software SDK from Stemmer Imaging
  • documentation and support

For further informaton please contact Sensor to Image.