FMC USB3 Adapter:

- Dimensions 55 x 69 x 15 mm
- Tested on AC701/KC705/ZC702-U3V DEVICE
- FMC Interface for XILINX AC701, KC705 and ZC702
- Cypress FX3 with boot- and configuration PROM
- FX3 UART mode 16/3
- Delivered with U3V Device application image file for FX3 and with S2I U3V Device Driver
- Delivered with SphinxU3VViewer (without C source code) and FPGA bitstream with test pattern for XILINX AC701
- Delivered without any IP or support from Sensor to Image GmbH

- for prices, delivery time or to order the "FMC USB3" module please get in contact with us here